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Honouring Our Everyday Heroes

Our Boots On The Ground


This Labour Day, while most Singaporeans unwind over the long weekend break, Incident Management Officer Toong Ngai Woei and Technician Nassir Bin Mohd Thamby will be walking the grounds of the Singapore EXPO. 

Their jobs involve ensuring the site, Singapore’s largest purpose-built MICE venue, runs smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On an average day, Toong and his colleagues conduct regular checks around the venue to ensure that our facilities are in good working order. Part of the work that Toong does involves coordination and planning, as well as reporting issues and incidents that may occur. If defects are detected, technical officers such as Nassir are deployed to assess and conduct maintenance works.

Their Journey Thus Far

Nassir has worked with Constellar for eight years. He shares that he finds his work interesting and engaging since it often involves on-the-spot problem solving. His expertise was tapped during the height of the pandemic, when the venue served as a Community Care Facility for Covid-19 patients. Nassir and his teammates entered the "red zone" almost daily to ensure that fixtures and the like were in tip-top condition.

Singapore EXPO Hall
With over 100,000sqm of ground to cover every day, the Facilities & Engineering team works in shifts to manage routine inspections, deal with breakdowns and keep equipment serviced and in good shape.

Toong in the meantime, joined Constellar in 2020, though the Singapore EXPO has been like a second home to him since 2009 when he started work as a Certis Cisco security officer at the venue. Over the course of a decade, he forged strong bonds with Constellar staff, and when an opportunity to join the Constellar family arose during the pandemic, Toong did not think twice.

Apart from the friendly faces, he says he has always been impressed by the efficiency and speed of one of the organisation’s core teams - the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) which he used to work closely with as a security detail. The CERT team are our first-responders in critical situations on the ground before the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrive on the scene, and Toong says that he has learned much from the team's commitment to operational excellence.

On his work experience with Constellar to date, Toong says that he appreciates the guidance provided by his managers and peers who have helped him grow and expand his skill set.

The Road Ahead

Singapore’s re-opening will see large-scale events returning to the venue, and both men are excited to see the Singapore EXPO’s halls filled once again. Having bonded well during the challenging pandemic years, Toong and Nassir take pride in keeping the venue safe and well-maintained for visitors.

As the pair continue their work behind-the-scenes, we salute them this Labour Day — our everyday heroes on the ground.