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Our People

Life at Constellar

Our purpose is to help people, businesses and industries grow

It takes great people to make our events exceptional.

Constellar’s people are more than just our best assets. They are developed as leaders and domain experts to drive the event experiences of the future, and play an essential role in the organisation’s transformation and growth journey to become a leading global MICE company.

Our people come from around the world, bringing differing perspectives, ideas and skills, with a common passion to deliver world-class event experiences. 



We Thrive On Teamwork

Thriving on teamwork is about winning together as a team. It's about connecting the dots with each other; being thoughtful of and valuing and respecting one another's time; and believing that we can go far together. Importantly, it's also about breaking silos, working well with others and other teams in the organisation.

We Own The Outcomes

Owning the outcomes is taking initiative to do our best, with a deep sense of accountability and responsibility for our actions knowing that what we do impacts others. Dedicated to excellence and driven by a strong sense of ownership, we never settle for being just adequate in our work, for the team and for the organisation.

We Pursue with Passion

Pursuing with passion is being customer-centric, putting people and relationships at the core, and always with positivity, sincerity and energy. In our business, it means creating meaningful experiences for our customers, and enabling opportunities to connect for sustainable business growth.

We Inspire through Innovation

Inspiring through innovation means embracing change and cultivating a growth mindset. It's about being curious and daring to be different. We learn and grow from setbacks, mistakes and experiences; and are not afraid to fail. We approach challenges with new ideas and ways of working.


Being part of the Constellar family means taking a step towards finding a fulfilling purpose and discovering infinite possibilities for career and personal growth. 


We are constantly on the lookout for entrepreneurial individuals who are passionate about customer excellence to be part of the Constellar family of event experience specialists.

If you're looking to be part of a diverse workforce made up of passionate, like-minded individuals from around the world to shape the future of immersive experiences in the global marketplace, come join us!