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Meet Our Everyday Heroes

Meet our everyday heroes at the Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria

This labour day, we celebrate our everyday heroes at Singapore's largest convention and exhibition venue, the Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria. 

For more than 20 years, the venue has been a vibrant hub for Singapore's MICE Industry, with millions passing through its exhibition halls and convention facilities every year. That all changed with the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, during which the venue was transformed into a Community Care Facility for COVID-19 patients.

Working alongside medical teams and other essential workers, our staff joined the frontlines in different capacities, with some learning new skills and adjusting their roles to contribute to the nation-wide SGUnited effort.


Sambath, 45, has worked at the Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria for 20 years.

Long-serving staff like Sambath, 45, who has been working with the Centre Management team for 20 years, remembers the SARS outbreak of 2003, which had a similar impact on the events industry. Adapting to the safe management measures and working in close coordination with other stakeholders was essential for Sambath and his teammates Bala, Selvan and Mohan to play their part in setting up the facility in preparation for its first batch of patients. 


Sui Hok Tieh, 63, has spent the past 3 years putting smiles on visitors to the Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria

For the past 3 years, many visitors have been greeted by the friendly smile of security guard Sui Hok Tieh, 63. Now despite wearing a mask everyday, he continues living his motto of “Take care be happy!" and passes on his positive demeanor through his kind eyes and warm greetings. Throughout the pandemic, his continued his favourite activity of patrolling the spaces around the venue, enforcing safe management measures and offering guidance and directions to those who needed them.


Resident cleaner Wong Nee Chai, 69, is a familiar face to many at the Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria.

One of the few "unforgettable" faces of the Expo is resident cleaner Wong Nee Chai, 69, who has spent 22 years with the organisation. Joining the workforce since she was 13 years old, her hope is to continue working for as long as she can. Initially worried by the effects of the pandemic, her dedication has not faltered since coming back to the Expo, and she continues going the extra mile to do her part and being a source of inspiration for all of us. 


Celebrating our workers

As Singapore gradually moves to reopen its key sectors and spur economic growth, we are thankful for the lessons learnt and the opportunities to transform our workforce during the pandemic. Building on the trust we've forged with our partners and event organisers, readying the venue for large-scale MICE events is only made possible by the dedicated staff who have the experience, knowledge and requisite training to meet the stringent SG SafeEvent standards, and displayed their unrelenting resilience to adapt to the times.

To all our heroes at the Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria, we thank you for all that you do, and look forward to a bigger and brighter future together.