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Staying Prepared In The Face Of Adversity

National Day 2020 Celebrations at CCF@EXPO

As Singapore shifts gears in its reopening phase, we take a look back on how far we’ve come where Singapore EXPO received its first Covid-19 patients as a Community Care Facility (CCF) two years ago on 10 April. 

Working in close collaboration with a consortium of partners, the CCF at Singapore EXPO came to life in just one month after the WHO announced that Covid-19 was a global pandemic, providing critical support to the healthcare ecosystem during the first 12 months of Singapore’s fight against the pandemic. 

As a result of this experience, Constellar has added a diverse range of new knowledge, capabilities, partners and protocols that better prepare it for an evolving operating environment and customer expectations. 

Tan Beng Hwee, Deputy Director of Operations at Constellar, said: “We’ve been humbled to be a part of this nationwide project, and provide our colleagues from the healthcare sector the same level of care they in turn give to the Covid-19 patients at the facility.” 

This is EXPO for #SGUnited Pylon

To commemorate the anniversary it’s our pleasure to share an e-book we’ve been working on, titled Crisis Response & Continuity Management: An operational guide for repurposing venues. We wanted to capture the lessons learnt through our CCF journey and document protocols tried and tested at the CCF@EXPO, which can be used as a resource for organisations to address future challenges associated with venue and team management during times of crisis. 

The e-book is now available for public access. We hope that the guide will provide a foundation for other venues around the world to formulate response plans when faced with the unprecedented challenges of preparing their spaces and teams for crises. 

DOWNLOAD - Crisis Response & Continuity Management: An operational guide for repurposing venues